Accelerated Institute of Learning

Accelerate learning in an online, personalized environment for students, families, and classrooms.

A Different Structure

We structure learning around integrated projects instead of the assumption that age and zip codes are the underlying factors to student learning. 

A New Normal

Accelerated learning is the opposite of average. Traditional learning stems from the early 1900s to create factory workers who could read normal instructions and follow normal orders. 

A Personalized Experience

Courses use integrate curricula to allow students to learn the topics, concepts, and skills they want and need.


First Course.

Free Enrollment.

The first mini-course, Plastic Oceans, is released and accepting free enrollments!

It’s a 5-10 day course integrating reading, math, and science (for grades 5-8).


Multi-Modal Learning.

Each lesson is 15-20 minutes and incorporates active investigations, data gathering, reading, writing, journaling, videos, and creative projects.


Real World.High Interest.

The first course, Plastic Oceans, includes real-world and high-interest topics. Math is practical (but advanced), reading is quick and engaging, and the lessons are driven by questions.

Enrollment is Free, But Not Ready to Start?

Not Ready to Enroll? No Problem.

 The first mini-course is ready for enrollment. At this time, there are no restrictions. Open and free enrollment for families, home schools, private schools, and public schools.

If you’re not ready to start, we can send you a little more information and help answer any questions you have!

What Is Accelerated Institute of Learning?

This is the online learning wing of TeamTom Education LLC, an educational services company. This resource is currently operating as a free and open resource. Enroll today to get started.

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