Plastic Oceans

4 Chapters 12 Lessons

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Almost everything is made of plastic, but where does plastic go when we throw it away? What effects do plastics have on our oceans? This series of videos, texts, and investigations will guide you in discovering the dangers and opportunities of our plastic oceans.

Interdisciplinary Connections: Middle School Math, Science, Reading, and Writing.

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Course Structure

Chapter 1: Questions About Garbage 3 Lessons

Garbage Investigation

This hands-on investigation will allow you to learn how much waste your family creates in one day.

Examine the Evidence

In this quick video lesson you will see a story of what happens to plastic. There are many claims in this video, and it's your job (like a good scientist) to evaluate the claims based on evidence.

Chapter 2: The Plastic Problem 4 Lessons

Vocabulary Lesson – Plastic Pollution

This quick informative text is followed with a vocabulary quiz.

What happens to the plastic you throw away?

This TED talk shows the story of three plastic bottles to show what happens to the plastic you throw away.

What Happens To Our Trash

In this lesson, you'll read an informational text, answer three questions, and analyze data.

Plastics and Ocean Gyres

There are five major ocean gyres. What are they? Where are they? And what do they have to do with plastic pollution?

Chapter 3: Data and Solutions 4 Lessons

How Do We Know About Plastic Pollution?

In this video lesson, you will answer some questions about facts and truth. How do we know how much plastic is in the ocean? How are facts about ocean pollution gathered? 

Finding Solutions (Part 1)

You will discover the sources of plastic creation and plastic pollution in your community. You will also brainstorm ideas for solving the plastic pollution problem.

Analyzing Data: Pollution and Recycling

You will analyze pollution and recycling data and form conclusions based on the data.

Finding Solutions (Part 2)

Discover how plastic is made and recycled into new products.

Chapter 4: Demonstrate Your Learning 1 Lesson

Creation Project

In this lesson, you will decide on a way to demonstrate what you've learned about plastic pollution.